League Rules

NFHS Baseball Rules – If a rule is not specified below, we will use the NFHS rules.

Batting Lineup: Teams may bat:
1.) A nine (9) player line-up, or a nine (9) player line-up with a Designated Hitter (DH), or
2.) A ten (10) player line-up with an Extra Hitter (EH), or a 10 player line-up with a DH and EH, or
3.) A continuous line-up of all present, eligible, uniformed players. (No DH allowed)
Such line-up must be declared before the start of the game and used the entire game.

Courtesy Runners: Courtesy runners will be allowed for the pitcher or catcher at any time. The courtesy runner must be a player not currently in the game or if the team is batting all players, the last out shall run.  A courtesy runner may only run one time per inning.

Innings/Time Limit:
Varsity/JV – 7 inning games: No new inning after 2 hours and 10 minutes (2:10).
13U – 7 inning games: No new inning after 2 hours (2:00).
12U and under – 6 inning games: No new inning after 1 hour and 50 minutes (1:50).
For all ages, once an inning begins, it must be completed.
However, if the home team is ahead and batting when time expires, the game is over and the inning is not completed.
Extra innings may be played if time remains starting with runners on 2B & 3B and 1 out. Runners are the last 2 batters from the previous inning.  Example: If batting 9 and batter #2 is due up, #9 batter is runner on 3B and #1 batter is on 2B.

Note: If a game is called due to weather, light failure or other acts of God and cannot be resumed it is a regulation game if four (4) innings have been played or if the home team has scored more runs after three and one half (3 1/2) innings the game shall be declared a complete game.

Dimensions: HS & 14U: 60/90, 13U:54/80, 12/11U: 50/70.
Updated rules for 10U: 46/65 with lead offs.

Game Baseballs: Each team should provide 1 new and 1 lightly used game ball to the home plate umpire before the game. Teams need to remind players to retrieve foul balls.

Run Rules: 15 run lead after 3 innings, 12 run lead after 4 innings. 10 run lead after 5 innings.

Bat Rules – 12U and under must be USSSA, USA or wood bat. 13U no bats greater than (-5) (Fall season -8 for 13U).  14U (JV) & HS is BBCOR or wood stamped BBCOR.
Withdrawn and/or Non-Compliant Baseball Bat Models

Pitching Rules: If a pitcher throws in more than 3 innings in a day, you may not pitch the next calendar day. 1 pitch counts as an inning for this rule. Also, coaches should note the High School (Sub-Varsity) pitch count/rest requirements to prepare and protect players accordingly.

Sub-Varsity – First 30 Days of Season
Pitches and Required Rest
50-70 needs 3 Days Rest
29-49 needs 2 Days Rest
1-28 needs 0 Days Rest

Sub-Varsity- After 30 Days
Pitches Required Rest
61-85 needs 3 Days Rest
36-60 needs 2 Days Rest
26-35 needs 1 Day Rest
1-25 needs 0 Days Rest

*Required Days rest is a complete calendar day

Dugouts: The Home team will occupy the 3B dugout (unless in 1B dugout from a DH) and be the official scorekeeper in conjunction with the umpire. All teams should have a GameChanger scorekeeper to score games electronically, which will automatically display on our Live Streaming Channels on the league website.

Conduct: All conversations with an umpire should be conducted after a time-out has been called and be handled in a calm and professional manner. Verbal abuse of the umpire will not be tolerated and may result in ejection from the game. Any manager or coach ejected from the game is subject to additional discipline at the league’s discretion.  After being ejected, a manager or coach must vacate the premises of the current game and may not participate in any way (cell phone, etc.). Any player ejected from a game is subject to additional discipline at the league’s discretion and at the time of ejection must leave the dugout and may watch from the stands. Managers are responsible for the conduct of his players and fans at all times. Managers are subject to ejection if their players or fans are deemed to be out of control.

Coaches: No more than three (3) coaches should be in the dugout.

Protests: No official “protests”. You may discuss umpire rulings after time is called (don’t argue judgement calls – balls/strikes/safe/out). The umpires may choose to get together on a call but once the ruling is final, there are no “protest” in league games.

Other: Mechanical noise makers are not allowed.